Sentinels Inc. is a platform fighter currently in development that brings traditional fighting game mechanics like tagging and meter attacks to the platform fighter formula. It is being made with Game Maker Studio 2 and Platform Fighter Engine.

I was brought on in July 2021 as engine coder, when the game was still in early development (though most of the core mechanics were functional). I have worked on many aspects of the project including but not limited to:

  • Most menus

  • Backporting, implementing, and testing the PFE rollback netcode system, including developing save state functionality from scratch

  • Teams and other gameplay modes

  • The tagging and hyper systems (partially complete when I arrived on the project)

  • Custom color palettes

  • Various character moves

  • Various UI and HUD elements

  • Various visual and audio effects

  • Various training mode features

  • Various bugfixes

Check out the official twitter here!