Servicebound is a 2D narrative RPG game which combines the narrative and exploration experience of RPG/Adventure games with an encounter system inspired by hardcore puzzle games.

Servicebound was developed over the course of a year (July 2019 - May 2020) as a student project, in collaboration with 5 other people. I served as creative director as well as doing all of the programming and writing. I also implemented most of the art and some of the sound into the engine, played a major role in the game design process, designed and created almost all of the art for the UI and puzzles, designed and implemented about a third of the puzzles, and did the overworld level design.

For more information and to download the project, check out the itch page.

You can also check out development blog posts on the game's patreon (shut down after the game's completion). Here's an example.

Screenshots and trailer