The first public demo for Lower World Story is out now! Click here to check it out!

Lower World Story is my current personal project, I've been working on it since July 2020. It's a tactical RPG that aims to provide a unique and compelling combat system and narrative. Check out the itch page linked above to learn more.

So far, this has been an entirely solo project, including video production (direction, camera, writing, acting, and editing)! That's right, early on I created 4 video devlogs documenting the creation of the first public demo! You can watch the first one down below, or you can visit my channel to see the whole series. Creating these videos took a lot of time and effort though, so I've mostly given up on making them in order to focus on other work.

I have also posted occasional development updates on my twitter. While actual development is in something of a hiatus while I focus on the business side of things, I will eventually return to posting more regular updates.

As a side note, while the game will feature a significant narrative portion I have mostly avoided talking about it publicly to prevent spoilers from leaking. If you are curious about this aspect of the project and would like to know more, please contact me directly.